A dynamic inner circle of universal influence passionate about making an impact and shaping the world. Based in Los Angeles, Clarie Darnell of Ardent Circle is a multifaceted business consultant, result-driven leader of high level performance with capabilities in Business Development, Public & Media Relations, Talent Acquisition, Branding, Management, Marketing, Film, Specialty Production and Video Editing. Unparalleled results, driving exposures and captivating audiences from years of high level work alongside many of the brightest experts in all genres of the industry: television, film, gaming, music, digital media, events, technology, corporate and government leadership and more. 


Bridging partnerships and forming strategic alliances with diverse entrepreneurs and leaders sharing a common goal of interests. Leveraging the collective voices of clients in their relentless pursuit of excellence in innovation and commitment to solving global challenges that will inspire change in the world and shape the direction of the future generation.